woman artist seated with brushes in hand in front of colored background

Jeanye Mercer is a Texas artist whose work is dedicated to celebrating life's glorious messes. For more than 20 years, as a professional counselor and educator, she shared her effervescent spirit and creative approaches to exploring courage, kindness and compassion with kids of all ages. Her students’ enthusiasm for living bravely inspired Jeanye to discover the transformative power of making art. She dove in wholeheartedly!

Jeanye is self-trained, drawing inspiration from a vibrant online community of artists and creatives. Her paintings embody her energy, enthusiasm and freedom of spirit and foster deep connection with the hearts of her community. 

Jeanye lives with her husband of 38 years on a beautiful country property outside Waxahachie, Texas filled with pecan trees, wildflowers, and an entertaining assortment of birds and critters providing continuous inspiration. Her kids and grandkids bring her endless delight. Jeanye’s life’s work is to be a healing presence in the world. She is grateful for the opportunity to share that presence through art.