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Rainbows that Love You Back E-Course

Rainbows that Love You Back E-Course

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Welcome to Rainbows that Love You Back. In this E-course we will create an 8x8 rainbow collage painting using original collage paper you make yourself! I'll show you everything you need to know. You will have lots of fun along the way, and you will be delighted with your finished piece.

Rainbows have long been a sign of hope and comfort. This course is designed to inspire and encourage you to delight in making messes with paint and paper, then using those messes to create hope from the chaos, culminating in an original work of art.

The process is one you can use over and over in your own creative practice to create art that loves you back!

RTLYB comes to you in a beautiful PDF with links to videos stored in my private YouTube Channel. You'll have the option of watching individual videos with each step, or sitting down with a cup of tea to preview the entire course before starting. It's all up to you!

Designed for beginners as well as seasoned artists wishing to add playfulness to their practice. 

Note: Kiddos have enjoyed this course with help from their grown ups. However, there is also a Rainbows Course Just for Kids with a simplified process and teaching format geared specifically to elementary school aged kiddo. Of course all kiddos are different. Depending on the kiddo and the level of support, even preschoolers have enjoyed the fun!

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